preEmpt Enterprise
preEmpt Enterprise Suite comes in two versions for enterprise use: Desktop, and Management Console with program installers for Windows 9x and NT/2000/XP. In addition, the Enterprise Suite also includes dedicated deployment and technical support resources to ensure a successful installation.


preEmpt Enterprise Overview

preEmpt uses Active System Hardening™ to protect Windows desktops and servers against new threats by blocking the underlying vulnerabilities exploited by worms and viruses. preEmpt protects from hundreds of specific worms and viruses and safeguards PCs from falling victim to the next worm or virus before vendor security patches become available. preEmpt users were protected in advance from Sasser, MSBlaster, SoBig.F, and even the recent Scob and download.ject worms.

Don't Be Exposed
preEmpt reduces or eliminates the window of exposure to exploits of new vulnerabilities. By blocking the root cause of entire classes of Windows vulnerabilities, preEmpt protects you before vendors announce new vulnerabilities and issue patches, giving you time to test and deploy patches on your schedule.

Why preEmpt?
preEmpt is the next generation of Host Intrusion Prevention software for the Microsoft Windows environment.

Reactive security solutions can't protect networked computers from today's fast-spreading malware. Worms, viruses continue proliferating at a rapid rate. Malicious behavior, which in the past was intended to simply 'take down' a network, is now carefully crafted to steal valuable confidential information. Despite the enormous sums of money invested in a variety of security solutions, including Anti-Virus, Patch Management, Firewalls, Personal Firewall and Intrusion Prevention products, the cost of viruses and worms continues to skyrocket, into billions of dollars for each event. Unlike those failed technologies, preEmpt actively closes the Window of Exposure, that often lengthy period of time between when a security vulnerability is identified and the time that a patch is developed and deployed onto computers.

Existing approaches are simply no longer effective. The current security model has failed to keep up with the rapidly advancing weapons used by today's worm and virus authors. The situation demands a new approach. preEmpt proactively protects against current and future malware by eliminating the attack vectors and pathways those programs use to compromise computers. Unlike Anti-Virus products that reactively release updated virus signature files to block worms and viruses after they have already damaged thousands or millions of machines, preEmpt protection is in place before attacks are launched across the Internet.

PivX Solutions is able to deliver this revolutionary solution as a result of its world-class security research team. Called PivX Labs, this group of renowned and dedicated researchers stays ahead of the malicious coders by diligent and creative research to ensure that protections are in place well before hackers launch attacks. preEmpt encapsulates the results of this industry-leading security research and delivers it to your desktop and server machines. By purchasing preEmpt, you are essentially hiring the very best security researchers in the world to protect your machines.

An extremely cost-effective solution, preEmpt includes a comprehensive management console for enterprise use and an easy to use interface for individual users. preEmpt is in use on hundreds of thousands of Windows desktops and servers, many government and educational organizations and across innumerable enterprises ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 10 multinational corporations.

preEmpt™ is available in two different versions customized to the unique needs of home and business users.

preEmpt Home Edition is designed to protect individual or small groups of Windows PCs. It includes all the same Fixes that are included in then Desktop Edition for enterprises. preEmpt Home Edition works with Windows XP systems.

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